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Class 08 york south 1985Class 08 York station 1983Class 110 dmu york 1984Class 37 York station 1985Class 47 York station 1981Class 47 York station 1984Class 47 North bound York station 1984Class 47 coming up from the south York station 1985Class 47 York station 2001Class 156 York station 2000Class 47 York station southend 1987Class 158's York station 2000Sand hopper wagons Foss islands 1981Old and new in the Harrogate bay york station 1985Class 110 dmu york station 1984Voyager at Benningborough, north of York 2005Class 158 at benningborough north of York 2005York yard north 1986Foss Island branch looking towards Layerthorpe 1986Foss Island branch 1986

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